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NaamJordan B
Ervarings niveau4/5
OpmerkingenIf you have any questions, please feel free to reach out via email. Now retired, I was once a Navigator/Operations Officer on a military ship and have observed the night sky for long periods of time over many years on the ocean and have never seen anything like what I saw last night. I would very much like to know what we saw and also if any others in other places saw something similar. The only narrative detail I'm fuzzy on is the order of the colors, blue to orange or vice versa, as it happened so incredibly fast. If I had been solo, I would've doubted whether it had even happened it was that fast.
AdresShelton, CT
Breedtegraad41° 15' 36,49'' N (41,26°)
Lengtegraad 73° 5' 21,08'' W (-73,09°)
Tijd en Duur
Lokale Datum & Tijd19/04/2021 22:30 EDT
UT Datum & Tijd20/04/2021 02:30 UT
BeweegrichtingVan boven naar onder
Azimut kijkrichting28,05°
Eerste azimut30°
Eerste hoogte90°
Laatste azimut32,76°
Laatste hoogte90°
Helderheid en kleur
Ster helderheid-28
KleurIt was both orange and blue
Gelijktijdig geluid
Uitgesteld geluid
Nalichtend spoor
Eind lichtflits
OpmerkingenWhat I/we saw was like an electrical explosion in the upper atmosphere that did not appear to any of us to have a centralized point of origin or light source. I once saw a power transformer explode and that flash is what I would like it to. The flash lit up the entire visible night sky either orange and then blue or blue and then orange for a split second - I cannot remember in which order. A group of 3 fisherman (I was among the 3 standing on the peninsula's East side) and another group of 2 fisherman (1 on the Southern tip and 1 on the West side of the peninsula) independent of one another all saw the same intense flash of light. All yelled to ask if the other's had witnessed it. None of us saw an object (like a comet, meteor, or shooting star) in the sky that could explain it, though we had seen shooting stars earlier in the night and also after. We all described it as if someone had flipped a switch and changed the color of the sky for a split second. Craziest thing any of us have ever seen in the night sky. It occurred sometime between 2230-2300. This statement is true and accurate to the best of my recollection.